Songs from the North Cliffs 2017 studio album

by Gerry Gillard

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We've been apart now for quite a time. You've got your new life, I'm still looking for mine. Last night I felt lonely, sad and blue, I found myself thinking, of you. I watched the sun go down, into the ocean again. Flickering lights on the horizon, around half past ten. I saw a shooting star, a satellite and more, I felt like driving to your door. Chorus I spent the whole night, thinking of you, I spent the whole night, thinking of you. I spent the whole night drinking, the whole night sinking, I spent the whole night, thinking of you, and my memories. Life without you makes me feel like I can't carry on. Living this way is the hardest thing I've ever done.
On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, you can see for miles, Carn Brea castle in the distance, surely bound to raise some smiles. On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, where the present meets the past, wild ponies and the granite too, memories that will last. Chorus Rosewall Hill takes my breath away, when I'm standing at your peak. Rosewall Hill on a sunny day, makes me feel humble small and weak. Rosewall Hill you are powerful, and you've got a hold on me. Rosewall Hill when I visit you, I find the solace that I seek. On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, I can be your host, when there's no mist rising from the sea, you'll see the North and Southern coasts. On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, stay for an hour or two, with that view of both the oceans, it will always stay with you. On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, when you've got nothing better to do, take the path through the iron gate, and take your camera with you. On a clear day up Rosewall Hill, on your own or with a friend, the visions that you see up there, will stay with you till the very end.
I don't know what to say, don't know what I can do. Don't think there's anything else, that we two can go through. Don't want to cause a scene, or make a fuss, this is the blues, for us. Now just take a minute, if you will. This war of attrition, is making us ill. Don't want to cause a scene, or make a fuss, this is the blues, for us. We've both got stories, that we can tell. Different relationships, that put us through hell. Now don't you hurt me, and I won't hurt you. That's the best, that either of us can do. It takes a long time, to get it right. It's not easy, it don't happen overnight. Now I don't want to cause a scene, or make a fuss, this is the blues, for us.
A lot of people are watching the sun go down, taking pictures on their phones. Does anybody even own a camera these days? or have they all been left in their homes. Chorus All my pictures are on my phone. All my pictures are on my phone. While my camera sits at home, all alone. I've got a digital SLR, It's fifteen million pixels strong. It's in a cupboard somewhere in it's box. It's never done anything remotely wrong. Now smart phone cameras get more powerful over time, mine could be better, but it's doing just fine. I feel sorry for the camera companies, smart phones could outsmart them, and drive them to their knees.
If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, don't lie to me no more. But you had to do it, just once too much get out, get out of my door. Now you stand there, and you spin your web, I can't listen any more. To all your lies, and your deceit get out, get out of my door. Chorus Get out, get out of here, don't come back, no more. As you left, you pleaded again, so you could even up the score. But I won't give you, not another chance get out, get out of my door.
It's taken such a long time, to find out where I'm going. Now I know just where I am, I'm building castles again. We all let our guard down, from time to time. We've got to make them higher, we're building castles again. Chorus Oooh, we've got to build em up, build em up. You've got to have foundations, to balance out the weight. Strengthen up all your defences, try building castles again. Brick by brick, I'll make myself stronger. Rock by rock, even if it takes me longer. Stone by stone, I'll make my walls higher. Steel by steel, no one will get inside her. Now when I'm feeling safer, and if it all comes true. I'll invite you in some day, I'll give my password to you.
In this perfect place, you always change your mind. In this perfect place, what did you expect to find? In this perfect place, why won't you live in peace? In this perfect place, you should find your release. Just live your life, in this perfect place. Embrace your life, in this perfect place. In this perfect place, just try to make your mark. In this perfect place, dig deep and find the spark. In this perfect place, don't just live for the past. In this perfect place, the futures coming fast. Shout about your life, In this perfect place. Celebrate your life, In this perfect place. What have you done today? this could be your day. In this perfect place, I could be here with you. In this perfect place, only if you want me to. Is this perfect place, just the thing for you and me? Is this perfect place, too much like a fantasy? Just live your life, in this perfect place. Embrace your life, in this perfect place. Shout about your life, In this perfect place. Celebrate your life, In this perfect place.
Magpie walking on the ground, he's looking pleased with what he's found. He's dining on a piece of cake, I put it there for him to take. Chorus Magpie, you've only got a few songs. Magpie, here's another one to help you along. Magpie, come and visit anytime. Magpie, you've become a friend of mine. Magpie flying in the sky, checking me out with a beady eye. Maybe he wants some more to eat, maybe I'll give him another treat. Scavenger, predator, thief of shiny things. Your plumage is a purplish blue, with an iridescent sheen. Your chattering is noisy, and your tail is long and black. I think you recognise me, cause you keep on coming back. Magpie happy with his lady friend, they'll stay together till the very end. I don't believe in all the superstition, I'll be happy when I see you again.
I wish I could buy, a magic carpet, then I would fly, back home again. In a straight line, no deviation, as the crow flies, I'll get there again. Chorus All I've got is wishful thinking, thinking of a better way. I just need to set my mind free, and try to make some magic every day. I wish I could make, some magic potions, for us to drink, to make us all rethink. About our world, and all of our oceans, so we can begin, to make a stronger link. All I've got, is wishful thinking. I wish I had connections, to influence, all the decision makers, and rulers of the land. To finally see some sense, and listen carefully, to what the people say, hold out a helping hand.
I'm homeless, but I'm not sleeping on the street. I'm homeless, but I've got some money so I can eat. I'm homeless, and I'm sleeping in my van. Yes I'm homeless, that really wasn't part of my plan. Chorus Cause I'm a travelling man, doing the best I can. I'm a music man, living in a grey tin can. I'm homeless, yet I've got a roof over my head. Homeless, I made some changes even made a bed. I'm homeless, but I've got wheels to get around. Homeless, wherever I am I'm homeward bound. This economic situation, that I found myself in, Is enough to drive you crazy. Even though I've got a job, and I work hard, It's not enough, don't call me lazy. There's not enough money to pay all the bills, I should be taking pills to cure my ills but I don't, cause I'm tough, I've had enough. You can't go on paying through the nose, you've got to give, they want you to give, just let me live. I'm not homeless, and I'm better off now. Not homeless, got no worries on my brow. I'm not homeless, now I can live by the sea. I'm not homeless, now I can be the real me.
Why does God, let the children die? Why does God, make the mothers cry? Why has God, left me high and dry? Why does God, let me down. Why does love, tear your heart apart? Why does love, cause you pain? Why has love, gone away again? Why does love, let me down? Why do I always ask these things? Why do I even want to know? Who has all the answers? I don't know. Why does life, make it hard to live? Why does life, never want to give? Why is life, such a mystery? Why does life, let me down? Why do I, make mistakes and then, why do I, feel forsaken again? Why do I, feel all alone? Why do I, let me down?
Where the granite meets the sea, that's where you'll find me, when the strong winds calm me down, it's where I need to be. While the sea birds glide below me, and out around the stacks. I will walk the well trod footpath, left by the Cousin Jacks. Chorus And any time I feel alone, that's where you'll find me. And any time I'm feeling down, that's where you'll find me. And any time I feel rejected, that's where you'll find me. It's the only place to be, where the granite meets the sea. You can feel the history, from Bassets Cove down to Godrevy. Look for dolphins and for seals, with purple heather at your heals. Big blue sky, huge clouds go past you. Wide open sea, walking, running free, just like you and me.


A new batch of acoustic songs inspired and written on the Norths Cliffs of Cornwall between May and July of 2017.


released August 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Gerry Gillard Cornwall, UK

Based in Cornwall, UK.
composer, performer, songwriter. producer.
All my music is on a 'Pay what you like' basis. :)

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